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The FAQs about special Warranty Process related to COVID-19 virus outbreak 

This is to notify the FAQs about special warranty process related to COVID-19 virus outbreak. Please see following FAQs to understand ‘Kia Promise’ program and offer the proper service to our customers. 

Q1: Who is eligible for extended warranty by COVID19?

A : Among customers whose warranty expires in February-April 2020, those who have failed to visit Kia dealer by COVID19 or those who have failed to repair their vehicles due to Kia dealer closure by COVID19. 

Q2: Until when are the extended warranty valid?

A : Extended warranty is limited to only above customers when they visit and request the repair to Kia 

dealer until June. 

Q3: How to submit claim for extended warranty by ‘Kia Promise’ program.

A: ‘G’(Goodwill) Claim with PWA type ‘V’(Kia Promise) 

– Distributors handle PWA by their self-approval within the allocated budget of Goodwill. 

In the event of failure to secure Goodwill budget or over budget limit, RHQ handles PWA. (RHQ contacts Global Service Team in KMC, if the budget adjustment from Distributor is required). ※ Warranty bulletin for extended warranty claim process should be notified by each RHQ, not KMC. ※ Regarding the transfer of PWA authority, please refer to attached letter. 

Q4: Is there any limit to use goodwill budget for extended warranty?

A : No. There is no limit for extended warranty. (Budget increase is possible if it is over budget limit.) 

Q5: What should be checked when RHQ and Distributor approve Goodwill?

A : 1) Customer who is subject to ‘Q1’ (Please check if the customer was unable to travel or if the Kia 

dealer was closed.) – There is no KMC standard for specific required documents, but RHQ and Distributor need to 

establish a standard to identify the target customer. 2) Check the repair date (Applicable repair date is June 30, 2020) 

Q6: Late submission (PWA type 4) is expected to increase rapidly by COVID19. Is there any KMC 

notification for this issue?

A: Claim submission period is changed to 90 days from RO close date. 

※ This policy is operated temporarily until further notification 


If you have any questions about this program, please contact us at

Issued by Global Warranty Team, KIA Motors Corp.