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Wheel Alignment at Triple J Guam Explained

A wheel alignment measures the angle of the wheel compared to your other wheels, the center of the vehicle, and other points of reference. For the more technical-minded, a measurement known as camber examines the vertical position of the wheel from the front and back of the vehicle. Toe is a bit like it sounds — it looks at how the wheels point toward each other. Picture your toes turning in and out when you look down. Caster looks at the slope of the wheel axis relative to a line running straight up from a center point on the vehicle. Thrust provides a similar measurement relative to the rear tires.

Alignment Services

  • Wheel Alignment Inspection – In a traditional wheel alignment inspection, you bring your vehicle to Triple J Guam, and we hook it up to our sophisticated and precise alignment system. This unique piece of equipment examines each of your wheels and looks at its position and angles from certain perspectives. Any necessary adjustments are made to ensure all wheels are hitting the ground properly in connection with each other and all other points

  • Two-Wheel Alignment – Two-wheel alignments are generally limited to SUVs and trucks with a larger rear axle capable of absorbing more everyday shocks. While wheel alignments should be completed annually whether you are experiencing a driving issue or not, many impromptu appointments for the service are generated by sudden, unexpected impacts. Think potholes, a too-steep curve, or regular driving on bad roads.

  • Four-Wheel Alignment – Most vehicles need a four-wheel alignment every year. An improperly aligned vehicle eventually causes other problems for your vehicle, including prematurely wearing your tires and damaging wheel-connected components, such as your struts. If the problem persists, you may eventually experience a tire rupture or other emergency on the road. Common symptoms of an alignment issue are a roaring sound, pulling in one direction, and uneven tire wear. Always schedule service as soon as possible when these warning signs appear.

Certified Technicians Perform Alignment Services at Triple J Guam

When you need a wheel alignment, Triple J Guam provides easy access to certified service from automotive technicians skilled in Mazda, Honda, Ford, Kia and Acura service as well as a range of other options. We provide online service scheduling to make planning your visit as easy as possible and use original equipment manufacturer or OEM parts to restore your vehicle to prime operating condition. Our state-of-the-art facility is ready to welcome you today.

Triple J Guam Alignment Services

Complimentary Triple J Guam Amenities

Triple J Guam is here to help you get the most out of your vehicle with certified maintenance and repair services. We employ experienced technicians and work with high-quality OEM parts for service. Anytime that you need service, head over to our online scheduling page, where you can make an appointment in just a few quick minutes.

  • State-of-the-Art Facility

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Triple J Guam is located at: 490 North Marine Corps Drive, Tamuning, • Guam, 96913

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