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Transmission Services at Triple J Guam

Your automobile’s transmission is one of its most important parts and a damaged, or failing transmission can make even routine driving in Barrigada dangerous. If your Acura or Mazda is showing performance issues when changing gears, you should schedule a certified transmission service appointment as soon as possible. Signs to look for include grinding noises, your transmission sticking, slow gear changes, and warning lights.

Transmission Services

  • One of the essential steps in helping your Ford last longer is regular inspections. A transmission inspection can inform you of any needed maintenance or service issues before they become a larger issue, such as leaving you on a roadside in Dededo waiting for a tow. An inspection can check for issues such as bad transmission fluid and physical damage to your transmission. In extreme cases, detect when a transmission is failing, and a transmission replacement is needed.

  • Transmission Fluid Exchange – A transmission fluid exchange involves draining the old transmission fluid and replacing it with fresh transmission fluid. Transmission fluid is essential because it lubricates the internal moving parts of your Honda or Kia’s transmission. However, the fluid can become contaminated or develop deposits over time, leading to reduced performance and possible damage to your transmission. In general, you should have your transmission flushed every 30,000 miles (or when recommended by your car’s manufacturer) but be sure to look out for performance issues, strange smells, or leaks indicating that service is needed.

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  • Transmission Replacement – Over time transmissions do break down, requiring replacement. The lifespan for a transmission varies, and with regular servicing and professional care, you can help it last longer. Transmissions can last between 100,000 and 200,000 miles on average or roughly seven years. Some transmissions will exceed these figures, while others may not make it to 100,000 miles. Several factors such as servicing history, driving habits, and mechanical factors can affect how long your transmission lasts. A certified professional can tell you if your transmission requires replacing.

Why Use Us For Your Transmission Needs?

At Triple J Guam, we proudly serve automobile owners in Tamuning and all nearby communities such as Asan and Adacao with all their transmission needs. We know you have a choice in transmission services in Guam, and we want to be your top choice. We offer the best in certified service, only use the best in OEM parts, and offer a comfortable waiting area for your convenience. We look forward to hearing from you and welcome your business.

Triple J Guam Transmission Services

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Triple J Guam is here to help you get the most out of your vehicle with certified maintenance and repair services. We employ experienced technicians and work with high-quality OEM parts for service. Anytime that you need service, head over to our online scheduling page, where you can make an appointment in just a few quick minutes.

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Triple J Guam is located at: 490 North Marine Corps Drive, Tamuning, • Guam, 96913

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