How Do We Measure Customer Satisfaction at Triple J Auto?

April 29th, 2017 by

Great Customer Service at Triple J Guam Dealership

A commitment to customer satisfaction is one of our top values at Triple J Auto, and we pride ourselves on our great success in this area. Between our loyal customers and hard-working staff, it’s no surprise that our dealership consistently ranks among the top dealerships in the region. But, just how do we measure customer satisfaction? Believe it or not, this rigorous process starts with a simple phone call! In the latest episode of Triple J Tech Talk, Mike Ferejan and Patti Arroyo discuss the results of the Ford consumer feedback survey.

How Do They Gather Feedback?

When it comes to customer feedback, every voice counts! Typically, customer feedback is gathered through simple phone surveys. For example, Triple J Auto recently received the results of the Ford Customer Satisfaction Index Scores for 2016. This survey was administered over the phone to any Ford customer who had visited the dealership for a warranty-related service. This provided a large data pool with a wide range of opinions. However, not all customers agree to take the survey. Mike urged customers to take the time to give feedback, whether good or bad, in order to improve customer service for the future.

How Did Triple J Auto Fare?

After the data was compiled, the staff at Triple J Auto had every reason to smile. The dealership ranked as the top competitor overall for the region. Mike explained that each region was compared against others in a similar geographic area, so Guam was pitted against dealerships from Hong Kong to Singapore. In particular, he was happy to report that 78 percent of Triple J Auto customers reported “love for the dealership.” It goes to show that at Triple J Auto, you’re not just another customer.

Experience Our Customer Service in Person!

Triple J Auto is proud to achieve such great customer satisfaction scores with local drivers, and we’re always striving to go the extra mile! Take advantage of our terrific resources: an extensive inventory, high-quality service department, and much more. If you’re in the area, find out all about Triple J Auto and learn about our role in the local community. You can also contact us with any questions about the dealership or schedule an appointment in minutes.

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