Tech Talk 1/12/2017

January 12th, 2017 by

The first podcast of the New Year is a time for celebration! The panel starts the year with their eyes on the future, speaking of “autonomous cars” or the self-driving vehicle (1:39). They also talk about the impact of autonomous technology on businesses like Uber, before launching into a discussion of the vehicle requirements of the industry (5:22). Audience questions include:

  • When I reverse my 2006 Ford Ranger, I hear a squeaking. Why is this? (8:47)
  • How do you get rid of “new car smell”? (12:08) Will air fresheners like Febreze work? (13:33) Is “new car smell” just a chemical smell? (14:36)
  • The clutch on my 1997 Ford Ranger is hard to push in, what would be wrong? (17:10) If I want to keep this truck, can I change my standard transmission to an automatic? (18:45)
  • Can my AC compressor be rebuilt if my car is having problems? (19:54)
  • Every time my cars return from the shop, the engine light is still on. Why is this? (23:00)

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