Tech Talk 6/23/2016

June 23rd, 2016 by

Car maintenance is the hot topic of this episode, and as usual, Patti and Adam have a lot of wisdom to share! They start the podcast with a quick discussion of routine maintenance services (0:30), like oil changes. Patti ponders gas tank levels and poses the question: “What happens if you NEVER top off your tank?” (1:11) The two discuss the importance of staying ahead of car troubles (2:57). Regular oil changes may seem like a minor service, but neglecting your scheduled maintenance could lead to engine failure and even a voided warranty. Patti and Adam launch into viewer questions, which include:

  • What effect does high heat have on the car’s battery? (4:00)
  • What can you do to improve the battery’s lifespan in excessive heat? (5:27)
  • Do you have to warm up your vehicle before taking to the road? (6:18)
  • How do you know if you are getting the proper gas blend for your vehicle? (7:20)
  • What happens if you get a bad batch of gasoline? (9:20)
  • After getting an oil change, should you schedule your next appointment based on the date or mileage recommendation of your technician? (10:39)
  • What is the checking procedure for the octane of gasoline at the pump? (12:10)

Listen as Patti Arroyo and Mike Fejeran discuss common car problems and how to deal with them.
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