Tech Talk 7/28/2016

July 28th, 2016 by

Mike talks briefly about Liberation Day festivities and specials available at Triple J Auto (0:00). He goes over common customer questions regarding brake maintenance (2:29), like how often brakes should be inspected and why front and rear brakes wear differently. Additionally, the two hosts suggest easy ways for customers to keep track of general vehicle maintenance records (3:39). Not only do accurate records ensure that vehicles get the care that they need, but this extra insurance prevent customers from unnecessary visits to the dealership as well. What if you hear squeaking and grinding from your brakes? Mike has all the answers about these worrisome warning signals (6:20). Mike also speaks about water damage and its effects on car performance, in light of the recent precipitation (8:30). Questions include:

  • Can you inject substances into tires to prevent punctures? (12:15)
  • Why do tires make a humming sound at high speeds? (12:56)

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