Tech Talk 8/18/2016

August 18th, 2016 by

Patti begins this episode of Tech Talk with a tale of fast food gone wrong (0:22) and the panel discusses the School is in session and Mike and Patti are ready to teach listeners about the importance of car maintenance (2:12). Mike stresses the importance of catching minor car issues before they become more severe. Patti asks about leaking seals under the hood, and Mike tells a warning tale of a minor oil leak that ended up flooding an alternator over time (3:18). Customer questions include:

  • What causes corrosion in a battery? (5:06)
  • Can you charge a battery while the battery is still in the car? (6:08)
  • What’s the right and wrong way to test the alternator? (6:45)
  • When should you charge a battery and when should you buy a new one? (8:44)
  • Why would a battery seem weak in a brand new vehicle and what can be done? (11:20)
  • Why do I suddenly have to stomp on the brakes to get my truck to stop? (12:50)

Listen as Patti Arroyo and Mike Fejeran discuss common car problems and how to deal with them.
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