Tech Talk 12/01/2016

December 1st, 2016 by

Mike and Patti may still be full from Thanksgiving festivities, but they are ready to talk tech! Speaking of fuel, Patti wonders when drivers should top off the tank. (0:48) Mike talks about fuel evaporation and recommends some guidelines for fueling up (1:14).

  • Patti admits that she often tests the limits of her fuel tank and bypasses the gas station, and Mike explains why this can affect the fuel pump (1:47). Many cars also provide a range, but this number is only an average. (2.29) Mike’s advice? Get into good habits now to prolong the life of your vehicle’s components.
  • I received jumper cables that attach to the accessory port, is this a safe item to use? (3:00) What is the best use for this product? (4:15)
  • Is it better to get gas on cooler days to prevent evaporation? (4:43)
  • How do I upgrade my audio system? (5:28)
  • How can I work on my steering wheel without interfering with the airbag system? (6:41)

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