Tech Talk 12/29/2016

December 29th, 2016 by

It’s the last podcast of 2016, and Tech Talk is ready to end the year with pizazz. Mike talks about common reasons for cars not starting, including weak or dead batteries (3:00). Patti wonders how low her tires can get before it’s unsafe to drive around town (3:23). Mike finds that 20 PSI is the bare bones number to remember for Guam, but explains why proper tire pressure is more important than you may think. While discussing the latest developments at Honda, Mike talks about the pros of LED lighting and road etiquette (5:00).

Questions include:

  • Do you need to use additives in your gas tank like STP? (8:34)
  • Why is the carburetor covered with plastic? (10:19)
  • How can I find get specialized information for Guam drivers without paying excessive service fees? (11:55)
  • Why do I need to get my duplicate key programmed? (15:55)
  • Does the Tire Pressure Monitoring system keep track of the pressure in my spare? (18:20)
  • Is premium fuel a scam or does it really help your vehicle’s performance? (19:48)

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