Tech Talk 3/2/2017

March 2nd, 2017 by

When driving in the sunny rain, Patti warns drivers to pay attention to their windshield wipers with a quick anecdote about her commute (1:08). She asks if drivers need to replace both wipers at once or if it’s possible to replace them individually (2:18). Mike urges drivers to replace both at the same time, just as you would swap out an entire set of tires (3:05). He discusses proper tire maintenance to prolong the lifespan of your set. Patti asks if the technicians at Triple J can handle any make and model (5:08). Mike vouches for his team’s expertise, describing how they tackle exotic and European models in addition to the mainstream brands.

  • If your older car is in good condition, should you make payments until you own it or can you trade it in if you are tired of it? (6:44)
  • What’s happening with the Takata airbag recall? (11:25)
  • Do security systems leak power? (12:34) What other systems and accessories drain battery power? (13:55)
  • How do modern cars connect to the internet? (16:31)
  • Why won’t the seatbelt retract on my 2001 Mercury Sable? (18:55)

Listen as Patti Arroyo and Mike Fejeran discuss common car problems and how to deal with them.
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