Tech Talk 8/11/2016

August 11th, 2016 by

Our hosts have maintenance on the mind, and Patti has a story to tell about her recent oil change (0:39). Mike With wet season in full swing, Mike and Patti discuss how the recent weather conditions have affected both drivers and vehicles (0:57). While many drivers heed the flooded road warnings, those who throw caution to the wind may find themselves in a losing battle with insurance companies. Mike and Patti also cover upcoming vehicle trends for the 2017 season for new cars (5:59). Mike runs through some of the technological advancements that can transform the way that you drive (6:30), while also describing the differences in engine wear and tear in Guam vs. other locations (7:12). Of course, Mike and Patti check in with listeners to answer a variety of questions, like:

  • Will unleaded gas affect my car’s performance? (9:39)
  • How often should I change my timing belt? (12:00)
  • What is the purpose of vacuum systems in vehicles? (13:47)
  • Is octane booster effective when used with low-octane gasoline? (16:43)

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