Tech Talk 9/15/2016

September 15th, 2016 by

Patti, Phil, and Adam get together to discuss sudden downpours and the effect on your car. What sounds should drivers expect after driving through heavy rain, and what sounds are cause for concern? (2:00) Adam does his best impressions of common braking sounds, like squeaking and grinding, and provides a quick diagnosis of each. (3:16)

While braking noise may seem worrisome, many sounds are completely normal. He also explains the difference between the noises from moisture build-up vs. the squealer tab, so you know when to head to the dealership for a service (6:00).

The crew then discusses the importance of auto maintenance (6:43), particularly for drivers in the Guam area. Between the high humidity and stop-and-go traffic, Guam drivers need to follow a severe-duty maintenance schedule for optimal vehicle performance. Questions include:

  • Why does my pickup truck struggle to turn on after I fill up with gas? (10:20)
  • What is happening when your vehicle won’t shift properly? (12:04)

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