Tech Talk 9/22/2016

September 22nd, 2016 by

Mike and Patti are back in the studio, and Mike explains why so many customers are heading to Triple J for maintenance (3:13). Mike recommends keeping a close eye on any rubber-lined components of the vehicle, from wipers to tires, before heavy rains hit the area. Patti describes her recent encounter with skidding, or hydroplaning. (4:41) Mike goes over the relationship between tire pressure and traction, then talks about how different roads respond to wet conditions. (5:33) The crew discusses the “serpentine” technique to regain a little extra grip when sliding on a hill. (6:46) Customers phone in with questions:

  • What causes a “metal to metal” grinding sound when stepping on the brakes? (7:38)
  • Why does my 2006 Honda Ridgeline start up so roughly after sitting for a few days? (11:31)
  • The two finish off the podcast with a quick rundown of the latest events at Triple J, including a visit from a Mitsubishi representative. (16:45)
  • Though the auto market is competitive in Guam, Mike describes the camaraderie between dealerships.

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