Tech Talk 9/29/2016

September 29th, 2016 by

Mike and Patti lament about the wet weather before launching into the topics of the day. Patti relays a question about warming up your car (0:25). Mike says that while older engines required lengthy warm-up times to prime the carburetor, modern engines take no more than a minute to get started properly. Patti asks about the popularity of matte exterior paint in both DIY and professional applications. (1:57) The two then tackle the questions of Guam drivers:

  • Can I buy tire pressure sensors for my Toyota Tacoma? (2:49) How do I program the sensors into my Tacoma’s computer? (3:56)
  • One caller phones in to tell the story of how black primer paint rose to popularity in the auto market. (4:45)
  • If I don’t warm up my car, my car doesn’t shift as smoothly. Why is that? (5:45)
  • How often should I change the fluids on my transmission? (8:10)
  • What causes the transmission on my Hummer to shift too soon? (8:58) Is this related to the installation of my external oil cooler? (11:11)

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