Tech Talk 3/9/2017

March 9th, 2017 by

Patti starts the podcast by getting inside the mind of the mechanic (1:06). Mike describes how each technician works a little differently to solve problems. While many mechanics work solo, Mike talks about his history with Ford’s team-based auto competitions (2:45). Patti then recalls an auto-related dream that sparks a memory, and she wonders if it is still possible to push start a modern car (5:22). Callers ring in with their best questions:

  • What causes the floor of the passenger’s side to flood when I drive? (6:48)
  • Though I keep up with maintenance on my F-150, there are problems with the indicator light on the diagnostic panel since my last service (11:05). What could be the issue?
  • After a maintenance appointment, my Kia Sedona started acting funny (15:03). The mechanic found no problems with the car, but my oil and engine lights won’t turn off. What is happening?
  • I changed the shocks on my 2011 Hyundai Tucson, so why is my car making noises? (17:55)

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