Tech Talk 6/1/2018

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Check out the highlights from this week’s Tech Talk with Adam Butcher and Patti Arroyo to get the latest car maintenance tips you need in Guam.


June Tech Talk with Adam Butcher and Patti Arroyo.

What should I do if my wipers aren’t working correctly and the wiper linkage is rusted?

Bring it down to Triple J and we can get it fixed, including 20 minutes for the quote and half a day for repairs.

How can I avoid rust on my car?

Install rust inhibitors and get regular car washes, especially after a day at the beach.

What’s wrong is my AC blowers are not working except at high speed?

This means your resistor fan is out and will need to be replaced in order for the other speeds to work properly.

What happens when the ABS/traction control lights go on out and you feel loud grinding in the pedal?

This means there was probably an issue with the speed sensors in your wheels which made the ABS system engage at the wrong time.

How many miles should I go between an oil change? What kind of oil should I use?

Usually it’s a good idea to get an oil change every 3,000 to 5,000 miles depending on the make and model. Use oil recommended by the manufacturer, usually a synthetic blend.

What should I do if my signal light doesn’t blink for hazards/turn signal?

Check the bulbs, because this probably means they need to be replaced.

What’s happening if it feels like the engine is bogging out when I hit the gas?

Listen for hissing noise for a potential vacuum leak, and check to see if your catalytic converter is clogged.

What’s wrong if my converted halogen to LED headlights are flickering?

It could be loose connection or the LED lights themselves.

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