What to Do in Guam

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Looking for the very best in Guam tourism and fun activities? Read on to learn more about Guam and all its exciting possibilities, including:

  • Deep Sea Diving
  • The Latte of Freedom Monument
  • Coconut Crab Adventures
  • Lina’La Chamorro Cultural Park
  • Plenty of Tasty Restaurants

Deep Sea Diving Spots Galore

If you’re a fan of diving, Guam is a paradise. Some of the deepest points in the ocean are located near Guam, including the Challenger Deep in the Marianas Trench. You’ll find lots to explore, including shipwrecks, coral reefs, fantastic Guam beaches, and lots of sunny weather.

The Latte of Freedom Monument

Overlooking Asan and Agana bays is the Latte of Freedom, and it’s a fantastic option if you’re looking for what to do in Guam. Be sure to stop in and see it to enjoy stunning views of the ocean and to discover more about the culture of the region.

Have You Ever Wanted to Pet a Coconut Crab?

Coconut crabs may look scary, but they’re harmless. They don’t bite, and the locals are capable of handling them safely. In fact, some citizens of Guam even keep coconut crabs as pets! You’ll be able to see them for yourself at the Chamorro Village Night Market.

Lina’La Chamorro Cultural Park Adventures

Experience the rich cultural heritage and traditions of ancient Guam at the Lina’la Park, a replica of an actual Chamorro village dating back 1,000 years. In this specialized outdoor exhibit of the history of Guam, you’ll find a visitor center, films, actors recreating life in a Chamorro village, and a nature walk where you can identify plants that would have been used in the creation of medicine.

Enjoy the Best Restaurants in Guam

Here are some of the best places to eat on Guam :

  • Pika’s Cafe: Local cuisine and American comfort foods combine at this highly-rated cafe.
  • Soi: For fine dining—including Asian and Thai cuisine—Soi is your best bet.
  • Alfredo’s Steakhouse: Want the best steak on Guam? Alfredo’s Steakhouse offers scenic views, tasty steaks, and great wine.
  • Toh-Lee Restaurant: For some of the tastiest Chinese food on Guam, Toh-Lee offers an extensive buffet.

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