Tech Talk 3/8/2018

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Driver behind the wheel of the 2018 Ford Explorer

Triple J Auto’s own Mike Fejeran returned to KGUM on Guam for Tech Talk in March. While there, he discussed how modern tech can help you identify check-engine light issues, and he touched on what it means if you’re experiencing car vibrations when idling. Listen to the entire talk here (it’s certainly worth your time), or explore some highlights below if you’re in a hurry.


Tech Talk with Mike Fejeran and Patti Arroyo.

Smartphone-Based Car Health Monitors Can Help You Identify Problems and Prioritize Repairs

Here’s the scoop: There are smartphone apps that plug into the diagnostic connector beneath the steering wheel. The app communicates with the interface to help you understand problems with the engine and diagnostic codes by scanning a database.

These apps can help you save money by helping you prioritize problems. One major upside is that you’ll be armed with the information you need to not get taken advantage of at a repair center.

Are ‘14 Elantra Idling Vibrations Normal?

If you don’t see any warning indicators and you’re driving a Hyundai or Kia that vibrates when idling, then you may have carbon buildup on the throttle body. Stop and go driving can cause this problem, and the throttle body will need to be cleaned out. This fix should remedy the vibrations.

Schedule Car Repair on Guam

If you have any other questions that weren’t answered on this episode of Tech Talk — or if you need help with your check engine light or tire pressure light going on — contact our service department. Check back for more episode highlights, and listen to Tech Talk on KGUM to hear our Triple J Auto representatives give you the latest on car care and automotive technology.

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